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manfong's lila mCcann world

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 Concert Reviews
Here's a chance for you to contribute. What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas. On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received via e-mail. In some cases, I also may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch! All reviews are from real Lila fans. There are no fake reviews. Please note, they are only opinions. Nothing is held back!

Lila smiles. Posted on 02.04.01

" Lila is the best thing to happen to country music. I live in the Georgia. We love country music down here. I was so excited when I heard Lila McCann was going to perform on 10.20.2000 @ Macon, Georgia in the Wiskey River at 10:30pm. I have never attended her concert before, I didnot know what to expect. So, I went online and found some sites like, manfong's lila mCcann world<--this site, and I like, that used to the Official Lila McCann site. No longer. Anyway, I found the most information from both and manfong's website. I checked my calender and wanted to go. I asked my boss if I could the day off and she granted me the wished. I planned everything. I bought extra films, sunblock, and a 12 pack of pepsi, you got to drink something at the concert because at the concert they will be more expensive like $1.00 for a can. I marked my calender. I am so excited, I could not sleep the night before. The day came, I took the bus to Macon.

I got there early and got to see Lila*s manager. I didnot see Lila until she performed. I searched for a sit and I found one in the front. I took a can of pepsi out, open the can and drank the can. I was thirsty. 45 minutes later, I finally saw the host announcing Lila will be out in a few minutes. I saw many fans getting ready with their cameras. Lila came and the fans went wild at this moment. Cheering and clapping hands. She looked so much better than the pictures I seem of her. She is much taller and prettier. I was happy to see this. She said hi and welcome us.

She started to sing and I love the way she stressed the notes. It is so much more emotional. At the 3rd song, some guy yelled, "Lila, I love you!" What a hunk that guy was, he was like 6'4" and handsome. I saw Lila smiled and continued to sing. I dont think I would know what to do. I sang along with some of her songs. I took some pictures of her when she was close to me. After she finished, she had a meet and greet.

I lined up and get my camera and cd ready. The moment has come. My heart was beating fast. I said hi to Lila and asked her some questions. She smiled and answered some of my questions. I had her signed my cd and I said, "You are very nice!" I gave her a pepsi and left with my cd. She said thank you and I smiled. I looked at my cd and I got something to remember the concert by. " by Kitty Donoghue

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