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[lila mCcann - tHe goDDess]

How do you know you're a Lila fan?

Not afraid to show everyone! You know you're a LILA fan when...
  • you sing her songs on the bus.
  • you have stickers of her on your SUV car.
  • your mom starts asking if she is your best friend.
  • you say "You know you look like Lila?" to other country artist.
  • you saw her, your mouth open with water coming out.
  • you sing her song in the shower eventhough you can't sing.
  • you learn the sign language for spelling I Love Lila McCann.
  • you set your alarm clock to wake you up with her voice.
  • you cut and paste parts of her voice for the Startup and Shutdown in Windows 98. Not afraid to show everyone!
  • you started to lose weight by excercising while playing her cds.
  • you stop in the middle of brushing your teeth when you hear her song on radio.
  • you filled out all the questionaires where Lila was the other choice.
  • you dont mind sitting in the metal chair(hot from the sun, like frying pan) for 2 hours.
  • before you even got to the front line and you cant stop yelling out Lila...
  • you speak gibberish as Lila asks you a question.
  • you heard her voice and you start to dream.
  • you sing Come A Little Closer in your music class.
  • your science project was about how her voice can create world peace.
  • it is 100*F outside, hot enough to fry an egg and bacon and you still cant wait to get to her concert. Don be afraid to show everyone!
  • you dont mind been goofy and all singing CALC to your pet.
  • you trained your 2 hamsters to dance to Lila's new cd Complete.
  • you have a birthday cake send through the USP thinking she would get it in time.
  • you add a Lila bumper sticker you made to all your customers' bumper.
  • you met Britney Spears and acidentally called her Lila.
  • you started to called her Goddess Lila in your website.
  • you dress up Barbie with Lila outfits.
  • you dress up as Lila McCann or have your sister do the same on Halloween.
  • the phone rings, you pick up and say "Lila" to every call.
  • you dont leave home without your Lila McCann fanclub card. Don be afraid to show everyone!
  • you have her cds appraised.
  • you asked an insurance agent you want CD insurance for the cds.
  • you put her extra Lila cds in the "Use Only in Emergency Kit".
  • you listen to her cd for hours and you're not deaf yet.
  • you sing along with Barney, the purple dinosaur, when he sings BOY.
  • you record her not released songs on radio from your friend's bathroom.
  • you played her cd backward and it keeps the mosquitoes away.
  • you keep her cds in the freezer.
  • the music stop in your Sunday Service and everybody see you singing Mighty Mighty Love on stage.
  • you start seeing Lila in every lady you date.

    The most important part of been a Lila fan is...
    ...when you help out a fellow Lila fan in need.