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manfong's lila mCcann world

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  Jestes wspanialy, Lila!
Keep the fan pride alive, and remember, Lila fans RULE!!!
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Lila is great, because?
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She is Honest.
I like her Smile.
I like her Laughs.
I like her Voice.
She is Intelligent.
I like her Body.
She is Cute.
Because she is Single.
She is Funny.
She is a Perfect 10!

Lila McCann - The Goddess
hello, lila fans!
welcome to manfong's lila mCcann world.
*one of the most charismatic singers to have ever graced
this earth. the voice and face of an angel. what more can i say

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Pangmark 2007
What's New?
Lila*s New CD-06/27 My review
5 pics from 01/04 -you should see?
Her New CD -you should see?
Lila@2005 All-Star Acoustic-U wanna see?
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Making many changes. Stay tune for more. I hope you have enjoyed coming here! You can email me if you have questions. >:-)
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