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  Biography Of The Beautiful Lila McCann
A dandelion for you, Lila! >:-) You're so cute!

Full name: Lila Elaine McCann
Birthdate: December 4, 1981
Marital Status: Married!
From: Steilacoom, Washington
Live:She lives outside of Nashville, TN.
Pet live with her:A little Yorkie called Shugar. &Elves! <-Just a joke about the elves.
Age: 25
Height:5 feet, 5 inches
Natural hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
School: Steilacoom High School
Year in school: She graduated in June 2000.
School events: Cheerleading & Track
Hobbies: Photography
Other interests: Hanging out at the mall with her friends, going to movies, & talking on the phone
Favorite Way To Relax: listening to music by candlelight
Never Leaves Home Without: Her Winnie the Pooh pillow

Her Family
Father: Pat McCann
Mother: Gretchen McCann
Four Brothers:
  • Shane
  • Chad
  • Billy
  • Patrick

    Dog: Savana, 10 years old, half cocker spaniel and half springer spaniel.
    Dog: Dee Oh Gee, 2 year old, half Pekinese puppy.
    Cat: Studly, "big, handsome, furball of a cat"

    Her Favorites
    Color: Purple
    Food: Pepperoni Pizza with ranch dressing to dip it in
    Late-night snack: Chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on the top
    Movie: Legally Blonde, Empire Records
    TV show: Malcolm In The Middle
  • Nickel Creek - Nickel Creek
  • Shania Twain - Come On Over
  • Faith Hill - Faith
  • Deana Carter - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
  • Tim McGraw - Everywhere
  • Reba McEntire- Starting Over-"On My Own"

    Miscelaneous Information: Most embarrassing moment on stage: It was at a show in Ontario, California. I talked forever about my song, "I Wanna Fall In Love," then I started singing "Saddle My Dreams." A different song, while at the same time the band played "I Wanna Fall In Love." In the middle of the song, I started all over again.
    She thinks this is her Worst feature: Her upper lip. "It disappears when I smile!" says Lila.<---She has beautiful soft lips! >;-)
    Current car: 2000 VW Beetle
    First car: White 1991 Honda Civic
    How she got started: Lila used to sing with her father's country band. Two weeks before her fifth birthday, Lila said that she wanted to sing a song. They decided on "You Are My Sunshine", but right before Lila was about to go sing, she panicked and hid in the bathroom. Lila's mom came to the bathroom door asking Lila to come out. After much back-and-forth arguing, Lila's mother finally asked "Lila, what do I have to do to get you to come out and sing?" Well, there just happened to be a new Barbie that Lila wanted, so she struck a deal with her mom. Her mom got her to sing, Lila got her Barbie!
  • ****Guys and gals , I think this is enough about her. I do not want to invade her privacy.
    All infos were found in public domain.****
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