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manfong's lila mCcann world

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 Lila News
Cool news for all you Lila fans out there as of: 08.21.2007

If you dont like it, too bad!This is Lila*s new look! Wow!!! Tesknilem za Toba, LILA!

I just read someone has an account using Lila's name on It is not Lila and they are not authorized to sell Lila*s music. Do not buy from them!

@2007 CMA Music Festival
Lila will be @ the 2007 CMA Music Festival!!! She is performing at the Riverfront stages on 06.09 @5:30 PM. Lila is signing and meeting at different times.

That*s me celebrating her new label!
Her new cd! Her New Record Label site <--There is a soundclip of that song there!

"GO EASY ON ME" will be released to radio nationwide on February 7, 2005!

Did you know Lila McCann recently celebrated her 23rd birthday on December 4, 2004? Her new CD is scheduled for release in JUNE 2005. I cannot wait...

Okay... Manfong's Wilkinsons Worldwide-Here you will find The Wilkinsons photos from NYC and more. Come and visit these fan pages. Tell all your friends and music lovers.

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