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 Concert Reviews
Here's a chance for you to contribute. What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas. On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received via e-mail. In some cases, I also may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch! All reviews are from real Lila fans. There are no fake reviews. Please note, they are only opinions. Nothing is held back!

Lila smiles. Posted on 02.12.2001

" My name is Nancy Chen. I am chinese and you know that very few asian listen to country music. Most of us listen to what the crowd listens to. I didnot know I like country music. I was @ a concert in July 1999 in New York. I was actually @ lunch break. I was eating with my friend, Kiseniya. We were eating and there was a concert going on that afternoon. We saw people gathered around the sits and some had to stand up. We thought, what the heck! We sat in one of the sits. Then a young lady came out and announced that Lila will be out soon. She had us spelled her name a letter @ a time. I have my mouth full of food and made funny sounds when I tried to speak. Lila came out and she said hi and welcome. The musician started to play and Lila sang. I thought the beats were okay.

After a few songs, I was HOOK! I cannot believed country can sound that good. I like the way the song Crush and With You sound, so youthful. I never heard the fiddle played that way like it is expressing its feelings. What a great instructment to used only on country music. My friend was dancing to the music. I saw her body moved with the music. I immediately bought the cd so I can have it signed later. I bought 2 cds, one for me and the other for my friend. When the concert ended. We lined up to get our cds signed. We noticed everyone had a meet and greet card ready. We dont have one! My friend said lets go she wont see us and she was wrong. I told her so what. I wanted her to sign our cds. That was $30 we spent on the cds and I am not going home. When we got to the security, we got a little nervous. Kiseniya dont wanted to get arrested with me. I waved hi to Lila. I asked the security if he will let us in. He went to see Lila and asked her that question. Guess what??? Lila looked @ me and Kiseniya and smiled.

Lila told the security to allow anyone who is a fan even without a meet and greet card. I went to see Lila and gave her a hug. She was very nice to me. She is a tall lady. I am 5'7" and Lila was 5'5". She said hello to me in Chinese. I was amazed. I asked her why did she let us in and she said that simply because all fans are welcome. I cannot remembered once that a pop singer allow that. I was very happy to had her signed both cds. I said to Lila that I will see her again and thank you. We left and went back to work. I started to play her cd on my cd player @ the office. " by Nancy Chen

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