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Here's a chance for you to contribute. What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas. On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received via e-mail. In some cases, I also may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch! All reviews are from real Lila fans. There are no fake reviews. Please note, they are only opinions. Nothing is held back!

Lila smiles. Posted on 06.28.2002

Fan Fair 2002-
" I live in Knoxville,TN so there was no need in going to Nashville Wednesday so we just decided to leave Thursday morning. Around 7AM we left the house on our way to Music City! It wasn't to long of a drive and we finally arrived around 10 or so and headed to the Gaylord Entertainment Center to register and did all that and got everything worked out. Now, to see Lila! Before coming to fan fair, I designed a picture of Lila out of wood to be sawed. I had that to give to her. When we got to the convention center we went straight to Lila's booth (Decorated in "Red.White,and Blue" theme) to see when she would be signing. She would be there on Friday but she was going to be at the Country Magazine booth at 1pm and we needed tickets. Well, the people don't give tickets out until an hour before the artist signs so we headed over there because it was almost 12pm and waited for them to give tickets out. We waited, and waited, AND waited some more! FINALLY, I heard someone talking and it sounded like Lila and I looked over and sure enough, it was her. She was wearing really cute jeans and a pink shirt with a gun shooting stars out. I was the second or third person to meet her. I got up there and gave her her plaque and she was really surprised and we got our picture taken together, and she was a TOTAL sweetheart. Later, I returned to the booth to take photos and there was a little guy there named Patrick and he started singing "I Wanna Fall In Love" and she started dancing and saying: "Go Patrick Go Patrick" and came out of the booth to say hi to him and get a picture and everything with him. She's an all around sweet heart!!!!!!! "

There ya go!! ...sign the guestbook!! lol! by Lindsay Silver

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